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Unreal Videos
22. March '16 07:45
This looks like so much fun!

Trampolines and football are both fun separately, but combined it looks like super fun

21. March '16 09:25
Zlaaataaaaan - Interview

No further introduction needed -This is Zlatan This guy is just too funny!

21. March '16 07:23
Benzema is back

Real Madrid's French striker, Karim Benzema, has been out with an injury for some weeks Bu(..)

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15. March '16 06:17
Okazaki's amazing bicycle kick goal

View or review Leicester's Shinji Okazaki's beautiful goal from the Premier League match against(..)

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13. March '16 10:12
Even big stars get nutmegged

Did you think that only the big stars did the nutmegging? Well then you are wrong, watch (..)

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13. March '16 09:40
Money Money Money

We all know that there is a LOT of money in football, but who are the richest football club owne(..)

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10. March '16 06:59
The agents behind the football stars

Behind every great footballer stands a powerfull agent, or something like that But who are(..)

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9. March '16 06:22
Zlatan interviewing guy for job

How would you react, if you were going to a job interview and then Zlatan walked in? And w(..)

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8. March '16 06:02
And this is how you celebrate the club's anniversary

As Red Star Belgrade could celebrate its 71st anniversary this past weekend, fans and supporters(..)

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7. March '16 08:44
Players who hate each other

Though most players have a rivalry on the field, when it is all about the game, they get along j(..)

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3. March '16 07:00
How well do you know Jürgen Klopp?

Liverpool hired German manager Jürgen Klopp last year, who came from a manager position at Dor(..)

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2. March '16 06:00
Roadrunner's got nothing on Ronaldo

No doubt that Ronaldo is one of his time's greatest footballer, or probably of all time Bu(..)

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1. March '16 10:14
Lucky goals

Funny and lucky goals - This is entertainment!

29. February '16 07:11
A little Zlatan

Compilation of Zlatan's crazier moments to brigthen up this Monday!

27. February '16 05:00
Memphis - The singer

Before Memphis Depay made his way to Manchester United he was, or maybe he still is, part of a r(..)

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26. February '16 07:02
Top 10 Europa League goals 14/15

As we are narrowing down the teams in Europa League, let's have a look at the 10 best goals from(..)

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24. February '16 06:05
Well, that is one way to celebrate a goal!

There are many different ways to celebrate a goal These players, however, have a rather sp(..)

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24. February '16 05:37
Sons of famous footballers

Being the son of a famous footballer, can probably be challenging, especially if you play footba(..)

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22. February '16 05:37
Edin Dzeko in crazy open goal miss

Yesterday Roma faced Palermo, and though Roma made a 5-0 victory, it is hard not to notice Edin (..)

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19. February '16 06:50
Just one club for me

In the world of football, transfers between clubs are common, very common But there are ex(..)

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18. February '16 07:08
Liverpool tattoos

English football fans are dedicated fans, that is a well known fact And some fans show the(..)

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17. February '16 07:30
Ronaldo walks out at press conference

The video of an annoyed Ronaldo walking out of last night's press conference in Rome

16. February '16 06:54
The best Champions League goals

A little warm-up as we are getting ready for tonight's Champions League matches Let's have(..)

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10. February '16 05:53
It's raining balls

This is what it looks like when Dortmund fans protest against expensive tickets Dortmund f(..)

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9. February '16 08:16
With a little FX to spice it up

Football can be very entertaining But add a little special effects, and you get a whole ne(..)

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8. February '16 07:35
Tricky Perfection

Manchester City and Arsenal showing excellence during practice shots Football perfection!

6. February '16 14:10
Playing it smart

Goals are great, smart goals are even greater Top 10 of the smartest goals in football.

5. February '16 13:07
Can you recognize these Barcelona players

15 Barcelona players as kids, can you see who?

3. February '16 09:54
What is Ronaldo thinking?

Hmm this video is so odd, to say the least Do you know what is going on? - Either way the (..)

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2. February '16 06:37
These boots are not meant for walking

They are intended to play football with There is a whole science to football boots, here i(..)

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