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18. December '15 07:25
People who died during football

Football is not all fun and games, unfortunately it happens that a player loses his life while playi(..)

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18. December '15 05:59
Don't play dirty

Football can be a mean and dirty business - Ouch!

17. December '15 09:42
Who knew Super Mario can play football

You cannot be a top notch football player without having a few nicknames attached to you, here are s(..)

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17. December '15 08:38
Would you buy chips from Messi?

You would think Lionel Messi makes enough money playing football, but he still likes to make commerc(..)

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17. December '15 07:08
Arsène Wenger nails crossbar challenge like a BOSS!

Watch as Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger makes this incredibly hard shot look like the easiest thin(..)

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17. December '15 06:49
Fancy hair is a must

There is only so much a footballer can do to set himself apart from the other players... So why not (..)

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17. December '15 05:40
Di Maria gets pranked

Footballers are the best, and they have humour too! David Luiz takes Angel Di Maria for a spin!

17. December '15 04:19
How to tackle the ball into the net

Deportivo Municipal midfielder Masakatsu Sawa scored a freak goal against Universitario in their 1-0(..)

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16. December '15 09:47
A new way to train keepers

They are different ways to train your goalkeepers, but this video takes the prize for the weirdest w(..)

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16. December '15 07:26
Agüero texts with a ball

Sergio Agüero is a brilliant footballer, and in this clip he proves his precision skills. When a(..)

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16. December '15 06:16
The new thing - Cycle Football

We all know and love football, but they are several different versions of football. We have seen foo(..)

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16. December '15 05:01
How about a dizzy penalty challenge?

The four Liverpool players have been challenged to compete in a dizzy penalty challenge. P(..)

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15. December '15 10:48
Top 10 strangest goals of the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is a fantastic league, where loads of goals are scored. Here is a Top 10 of the stran(..)

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15. December '15 09:58
This kid got skills!

Ever wondered how Messi played at age 5? This might be the answer, this 5 year old has skills. He c(..)

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15. December '15 07:48
Best penalty shots in football history!

Penalty shots are always exciting, but when beautifully executed, they are awesome.

15. December '15 06:00
Funny moments of the Bundesliga

Check out the Top 10 funny moments of this seasons Bundesliga. You're absolutely in for a laugh.

15. December '15 05:43
Awesome ways to celebrate a goal!

You scored - How to celebrate? These guys sure know how to.

15. December '15 04:26
Goalies not having a great game!

Sometimes you should just stay in bed. These goalies probably had that feeling after the game.

14. December '15 10:13
Draw my life - Cristiano Ronaldo

No Draw My Life with Lionel Messi without one with Cristiano Ronaldo. The two rivals even appear in (..)

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14. December '15 09:46
Draw My Life - John Terry

When you sleep with your teammates girlfriend while you’re still married, you deserve to be on Dra(..)

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14. December '15 08:32
Draw my life - Nicklas Bendtner

Our very own Nicklas Bendtner, also known as Lord Bendtner who’s currently playing at Wolfsburg ha(..)

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14. December '15 07:17
Draw my life - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan is a character, a big character if you ask the man himself. In this video he is a character a(..)

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13. December '15 13:56
Bendtner the movie

Nicklas Bendtner has always been a laughing stock in England, which is actually a shame, because(..)

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13. December '15 10:44
Draw my life with David Beckham

Football Daily is at it again, and this time it's David Beckham's turn to have his life drawn.

13. December '15 06:58
Brilliant James goals

James Rodriguez has been a big success at Real Madrid. One of the reasons to that, is the amount of (..)

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13. December '15 05:55
Wow!! Jagielka got skills

Who knew that Phil Jagielka could score beautiful goals. Usually he defends and that is it, but duri(..)

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13. December '15 04:21
Goals galore

We all love goals, and even more so if they are beautiful or crazy. Here are 50 crazy goals for you.

12. December '15 09:58
Horrible offside trap

Chiapas from Mexico attempted a new offside trap, when they played Morelia in the Liga MX. Let's jus(..)

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12. December '15 09:05
Paulinho scores stunning free-kick

The former Tottenham midfielder Paulinho looks to have settled well at his new club Guangzhou Evergr(..)

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12. December '15 07:55
Beautiful Jovetic goal

Stevan Jovetic yesterday scored his first goal in the Inter-shirt. And what a goal it was. In the(..)

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