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31. October '16 11:19 by Lotus Ladegaard

Victor Moses: Wing back is not my usual position but I am just enjoying at the moment

Victor Moses is a classic winger, however, in the past four matches for Chelsea, he has been playing as wing back. A position he is not used, but he just follows his manager’s instruction.

Victor-Moses-c4c58bf29769bd50bd830216348e6665.jpgVictor Moses has been in a wing back position in the past four matches for Chelsea. While it is not a familiar position for the otherwise usual winger, he has scored and also delivered assists in the new position.

-I have not played in that position before, but I just have to listen what the manager asks me to do in that position and how to do it, Victor Moses said according to Sky Sport.

-Everytime we play, I just want to improve. The more games I play the more experience I gain in that position. Really, I just enjoying it at the moment, he continued.