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19. October '16 15:15 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Wait what?.. Aston Villa win?

Aston Villa played Reading last night in the Championship, a match which held a massive focus, as this could be the match for Aston Villa to finally get back in shape. The new manager Steve Bruce hopefully for the fans and the club hold the key, and looking at the result from last night, it might actually be happening.Adama-Traore-of-Aston-Villa-during-the-U21-Premier-League-match-between-Derby-County-and-Aston-Villa-at-St-Georges-Park

What is characteristic for a top side, is that they get all three points, even in those games where they do not play well. In the first matches of the new season, that have not been the case for Aston Villa.

But last night, they finally had that edge to give them all three points, in the most dramatic way possible. The match ended with 1-2 in favor of Aston Villa, but it was not until the very end, where Villa was given a penalty, that the three points where secured.

Could this be the start of the comeback for Aston Villa?