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15. October '16 14:51 by Lotus Ladegaard

West Bromwich and Tottenham draw 1-1

Saturday afternoon, West Bromwich played Tottenham at home in a Premier League showdown and drew 1-1. Nacer Chadli scored for West Bromwich, while Dele Alli scored for Tottenham.

Dele AlliSaturday afternoon, West Bromwich faced off against Tottenham at The Hawthorns. Neither of the teams managed to score in the first half and thus went to halftime with a 0-0 draw.

With less than ten minutes left of the match, Nacer Chadli sent the ball into goal and West Bromwich in the lead with 0-1, but just seven minutes later, Dele Alli sent the ball into goal at the other end of the pitch and settled the score to 1-1, which was also the final result of the match.