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26. October '16 11:30 by Oliver Dehnhardt

West Ham facing Chelsea

West Ham are far from the team we saw last season in the Premier League, but they are trying hard to get back in shape. Maybe theEFL Cup can help them to get back in shape, but them have to bring their best performance, as they are facing a team in great shape tonight. Chelsea won impressively 4-0 last weekend against Man United, and tonight, if West Ham are not careful, it could happen again.EFL

West Ham are far from their old form they had last season in the Premier League. Last minute winners and lucky goals have secured them a spot above the relegation line, but looking at the way they have performed, a place below the line might be right. Tonight they face Chelsea FC, who are in great shape.

The chances for Chelsea to start with the best players is however limited, which might be the biggest chance for West Ham United tonight.