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22. October '16 12:55 by Oliver Dehnhardt

West Ham United got the win

Today in the Premier League, West Ham United faced of against Sunderland in a must win game for the home side. Sunderland have not been great so far, and the same can be said about West Ham, but looking at the players, and the fact that West Ham played at home, they should win, and they did, but it was not until the very end. Winston-Reid-0560ae80ed66a45126b76c5e2854efc0.jpg

The fans of West Ham had to wait until the very end before their team could secure the victory today against Sunderland, despite being in possession and control for the most part of the game. In the 90th minute did Winston Reid make it 1-0, which was the result of the game.

This was some very important points for West Ham, who despite the win still struggles. Sunderland are now in big trouble, and it does not look good for the future of the club.