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19. October '16 15:23 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Why Guardiola decided to bench Aguero

It was a bit of a surprise when the starting line ups was reviled tonight in the match between FC Barcelona and Man City. The Man City manager, and former Barca manager Pep Guardiola had decided to keep his most valuable player in the bench. Sergio Aguero did miss a penalty in the latest game for City, but surely that could not be the reason?Sergio-Aguero-014-735x400

And it was not. Pep Guardiola have explained that the reason for the substitution of Sergio Aguero was only tactical, as he needed more midfielders in the squad. Sergio Aguero have explained how these fixtures between FC Barcelona are like derbies to him. Sergio Aguero have played for Atl Madrid before in his career, and are very close friends with Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona.