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29. October '16 06:44 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Why is City struggling?

Pep Guardiola have been appointed the new manager for Man City, and it all started well for the new manager, with ten games and ten wins, but at the moment, City are struggling, and are without a win in the last five games. But why is City suddenly struggling? pep-guardiola

Man City are still number one in the Premier League on goal difference, but at the moment City is struggling. The reason for the struggle seems to be that the other teams have identified the lacks in the system Guardiola want to implement.

When you play the kind of football as Guardiola want to play, it is important that you have some quality defenders, who remain calm when put under pressure, and that is not the case at City at the moment.

In the 1-1 draw against Southampton, it was clear with the mistake form John Stones, that he is simply not comfortable enough in on the ball, something Guardiola will have to work hard to get to work for him.

City are the top team at the moment, but i dont think they will win the title this season, as i think Guardiola will be struggling to find the right team.

Another important factor for the new tactical approach for City, is the fact that Sergio Aguero currently is not performing at the level we all know he can. That makes it very easy for the opponent to close the strikers down, who can do stuff on their own.

When looking at a player like Lionel Messi who Guardiola have had massive succes with playing this kind of football, he is close to impossible to close down, even if you place three players to closely mark him. That is not the case with the attackers at City at the moment, and that gives room for the opponent to go up in a high pressure, and really stress the defenders not secure with the ball, as we saw against Southampton, and as we saw against the London side Tottenham Hotspurs.

Guardiola will peak at some point in City, but it won’t be until next season.