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17. October '16 15:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Wolfsburg looking at United winger?

Wolfsburg are struggling at the moment in the German Bundesliga. Last night the team lost 0-1 to RB Leipzig at home, which was deserved but very disappointing for the home fans. Wolfsburg have had high hopes for the past two seasons, following the season where they ended up in second position, but they have not at all been able to follow up on the performance.memphis-depay-manchester-united-sunderland-man-utd_3356302

It seems that Wolfsburg is struggling at the moment, despite have a great team looking at the players. But something they have been accused of in the past season is that they have failed to secure the players needed for them.

Now they are being linked with Memphis Depay, the Dutch Man United winger who have yet to impress in the Premier League, something which might never happen for him. A move for Depay will question the scouting made by Wolfsburg, but could also be a massive improvement, should Depay find his old form from back in the days.