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27. October '16 11:25 by Lotus Ladegaard

Zidane: Nacho scored a goal that was better than mine in the La Novena final

Real Madrid manager was very impressed with Nacho’s goal in Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey match against Leonesa. He says it was even better than his own in the Champions League final in 2002.

Nacho+Bournemouth+v+Real+Madrid+TxpxAOHUADXlWednesday evening, Real Madrid faced off against Leonesa on away in a Copa del Rey showdown and won 1-7. Defender Nacho Fernandez scored Real Madrid’s sixth goal with a acrobatic kick from the edge of the box. Manager Zinedine Zidane was very impressed with the goal.

-Nacho scored a goal that was better than the one I scored in the La Novena final. His goal will be written in history, and I am very happy on his behalf, Zidane said to Real Madrid’s website.