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5. November '16 12:00 by Oliver Dehnhardt

Zlatan is ‘arrogant’

In the midweek, Man United played some of the worst football ever to come out of the top English side, when they faced Fenerbahce in the Euro League. The frustration came to show multiple times, but especially and episode involving the Swedish striker Zlatan, and the Danish defender Simon Kjær, where talked about afterwards. zlatan-ibrahimovic-simon-kjaer

There where not many positive vibes between the Danish defender Simon Kjær and the Swedish striker Zlatan following the Euro League match where Fenerbahce faced Man Untied.

In the first half, both players had to be pulled apart on the sideline, following a tackle. Zlatan decided to grab Kjær by the throat, something many have focused on after the match, should Zlatan have been given the red card?

After the match Kjær did not want to comment on the referees decisions, but he did describe Zlatan as an ‘arrogant – chest puffing’ player.

The two players have before had goes on each other when Denmark have faced Sweden, which is somewhat of a rivalry.